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Value proposition

Over the years, EE Publishers and its publications, EngineerIT, Energize, Vector and PositionIT, have established market leadership and a reputation for excellence and high reader credibility within their target sectors, through quality of service, content, production, circulation and reach.

EE Publishers’ publications provide effective vehicles of communication to readers and companies wishing to do business in their target sectors in Southern and sub-Saharan Africa.

EE Publishers distributes the full content of its publications through:

  • Print magazines
  • Email newsletters
  • Online CMS website optimised for desktop and laptop PCs
  • Online CMS website optimised for tablets and smart phones
  • Online Flash flip-page e-Zines optimised for desktop and laptop PCs
  • App-based editions for Apple iOS, Android tablets and smart phones
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • RSS feeds

EE Publishers, EngineerIT, Energize, Vector and PositionIT offer readers useful and original technical articles, as well as relevant and topical industry, company, project, product, people, event and technology news, views, comment, opinion and analysis, focused on their various target sectors and readership.

The print editions of EngineerIT, Energize, Vector and PositionIT are distributed free-of-charge to qualifying readers in South Africa (controlled free distribution). Non-qualifying readers and organisations may subscribe to the print editions for a nominal subscription fee.

EE Publishers’ CMS website provides the largest repository of technical content, information and news for its target sectors and readership, with an archive of over 25 000 articles which are fully searchable for easy retrieval, viewing and printing for reference and research purposes.

All EE Publishers’ electronic content (CMS website, e-newsletters, Flash flip-page editions, app-based e-zines, social media content) is free-to-air with open access to all for non-commercial use.

Advertisements in the print editions of EngineerIT, Energize, Vector and PositionIT are also automatically published online in the corresponding Flash flip-page and mobile app-based e-Zines at no extra cost. Alternatively, for a reduced price, advertisements may be published online only in the Flash flip-page and mobile app-based e-Zines.

Electronic banner adverts may also be published on EE Publishers’ CMS website and e-newsletters.

Other marketing and advertising services include: magazine wrap-arounds; strategically inserted bookmarks; centre- stitched inserts; loose-leaf inserts; DVD or memory stick inserts; email blasts to announce open industry events such as conferences, symposiums, workshops, training courses and exhibitions; and many other innovative options.

The production department of EE Publishers provides a full range of creative design services for the make-up, production and distribution of print and electronic media advertisements, insert material, leaflets, brochures, etc.

CANPEN视频在线在线观看 CANPEN视频在线无删减 琪琪看片网 CANPEN视频在线在线观看 CANPEN视频在线无删减 琪琪看片网 ,施主咬的贫僧好在线观看 施主咬的贫僧好无删减 琪琪看片网 施主咬的贫僧好在线观看 施主咬的贫僧好无删减 琪琪看片网 EE Publishers also provides focussed event management services for the staging of industry and company conferences, symposia, training courses, lectures, debates, breakfasts,  luncheons and dinners to its target sectors.

In summary, EE Publishers offers participation and exposure within its print and electronic publications, and at its events. This provides access to relevant and focused information to hundreds of thousands of readers and decision makers on the ground in its target sectors, and provides valuable insights into the market and industry dynamics of the region.

Any individual or company serious about business and trade in the target sectors served by EE Publishers in Southern Africa should participate in and have access to EngineerIT, Energize, Vector and PositionIT.